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Bienvenue dans mon livre d'or! Welcome in my guestbook!

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Le 04/11/2017 à 00:27:55

Note : 10/10

.: Yo Bro (http://) :.

yo not bad.


Le 18/09/2017 à 12:26:30

Note : 10/10

.: Celticgamer0 (http://) :.

Beautiful creations ^.^


Le 15/08/2017 à 18:46:07

Note : 10/10

.: spenndragin (http://) (USA) :.

Hi dear Kass :) Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful friends pose. You are so talented and sweet.Hugs and best wishes <3


Le 14/08/2017 à 18:26:32

Note : 10/10

.: Darth_Geno (http://) :.

I KassSimsDesign, I am Darth_Geno (my EA ID) I do my creation most of the time, with your poses. I want to thank you for your creativity that gave me a lot of inspiration, using your poses. I am very interested to your SIMS-friends poses, because them have the core of the game sense inside, for me. Can you send me them? Thank you in advance.


Le 27/02/2016 à 07:49:06

Note : 10/10

.: tiya33 (http://) (France) :.

Hello Kass, Encore merci pour tes belles poses , bises


Le 23/02/2016 à 14:24:07

Note : 10/10

.: NIAGARACHIK (http://) de St Catharines Ontario (Canada) :.

Lovely Site! So Glad when I saw your URL in the Gallery I came here now I have to figure OUT as I AM NEW with the Sims other than the ORIGINAL how to get these poses and outfits in my Game?
Réponse : Thank you for your very nice comment. I'm really happy that you like my site. You download the stuff, and put it in your Mods folder. To use the poses, you must use only 1 set a time.


Le 24/01/2016 à 16:58:32

Note : 10/10

.: NikyRx :.

Super site!! Merci beaucoup


Le 23/01/2016 à 20:20:41

Note : 10/10

.: sirhanni (http://) de clearwater (United States) :. it


Le 23/01/2016 à 20:19:30

Note : 10/10

.: bob (http://) de clearwater (United States) :.

hi kass , great site


Le 20/01/2016 à 10:52:52

Note : 10/10

.: 12mich06 ( :.

coucou Kass je n'arrive pas à avoir tes poses sur ton blog je reste toujours sur les anciennes poses très jolies il est vrai mais je les ai comment cela se fait il? Je te fais tendresse du coeur ♥


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